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4-20 I am currently working on a new version of this page to be uploaded in the comming weeks, please stop back soon, there will be more downloads and pez for sale!
I am very please to announce the next huge addition to my page!!! You can now order Pez books (or any books for that matter) right from my page. Click Pez candy in the frame to the left marked bookstore to go to my new bookstore. All books are sold threw Barnes and Noble, so you can be assured the highest security precautions are taken. So please if there are any PEZ books, or any other books you are wanting to order please fallow my link to Barnes and Nobel. Now let me ask you for a favor. First bookmark this page. Second,In the future any book purchases you need to make please come back to my site and fallow my link to Barnes and Nobel to do all of your shopping. This won't cost you any more money and you will be helping a fellow Pezhead to support his website, and hopefully, in the near future I will be able get rid of the tripod pop up window that keeps appearing on my site.
The reason for my recent move to Tripod is so that my site can support downloading. I needed this so that I could post my new Microsoft Plus Pez themes and animated PEZ icons . My next major upgrade will be the addition of PEZ for sale.
This site was last updated on April 14, 1998. You are visitor number since February, 1998.

Allow me to welcome you to the Jason Wolbers' Pez page. I have been getting Pez all my life, but actually started "collecting" about spring of '96. Before that I had several Pez dispensers, mostly given to me by my mom.
When I moved away from home, I cleaned out my room and found about 12 different PEZ dispensers stashed in various boxes and drawers. So when I moved into my apartment, I proudly displayed them on top of my computer stand. My wife soon moved them to a desk drawer.
At work a couple of months later, we got on the subject of things we "collect". The only thing I could think of was my PEZ collection.
That day changed my life forever. (I still don't know if for the better or worse.) That day I realized I was a "collector". I started going to the grocery about 2 times a week looking for PEZ until I had almost every PEZ you could buy new in America. Now it is much harder to add to my collection, but I keep trying. There are still hundreds of PEZ out there, but they are either discontinued or only sold in foreign countries.
If you would like to view a list of My PEZ just press "My PEZ",

Now that all I have left to get are discontiued and forein PEZ it is getting more expensive. Now I take up more time doing PEZ related things than buying PEZ. I started by making this web page. Then I started making PEZ icons. Then I started collecting things to make a Microsoft Plus! Theme because after looking around I was surprised that there wasnt one out there. If you would like to download my icons or my theme just click here to to go to my download page
If you are thinking, "I could care less about you Mr. Bigshot. What brought me here was that I wanted to know about "PEZ"-not your life story"- then go to my list of PEZ FAQ's (Freqently Asked Questions)

You can also click on "PEZ dispenser list" to see a complete PEZ dispenser list of all known PEZ and related products ever produced.

If you are interested in PEZ as a hobby or would just like to learn a little more about PEZ, the internet is a great place to look.There are tons of other websites besides mine, so click here for links to other websites

Or if you like, there is a PEZ e-mailing list. To subscribe send mail to
and put the words "sub pezheads" and your e-mail address in the body of the letter

If you have read all of this and are actually still interested in PEZ, you need to march right down to your local grocery store and buy all you can. But, if they dont have enough to fulfill your newfound passion, you should go to one of the many PEZ conventions held every year. For a listing of the conventions please click here.This link will send you to another page so press back to come back to my page.

If you are reading this line and are starting to think,"How did I end up on this lame page. I hate PEZ! They taste horrible, and the dispensers are stupid!!!" Then, hold on. Dont hit your {back} key. Go to one of these cool links.

Crazy Mike's M71motoboy's Home Page
The RODINATORS Rod's Party Platform

Thank you for visiting my page, and happy PEZING.
Please feel free to come back any time. I will always update this page,but right now it is still under construction so come back often to see what's new.

Let me know what you think about my page, sign my guestbook below or send mail by clicking here.

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