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Pez Links

There are tons of Pez pages on the internet, here is a short list of my favorites

Websites made by other PEZ Collectors

A Site for PEZ and Silly Putty and other unusual stuff -The name says it all, has a little about pez, but a very fun and humerous page none the less.

Michael Garavaglia's Web Page -This is a personal webpage, not trying to get you to do anything but enjoy PEZ. This page includes tons of pictures of PEZ, new and old.

PEZville of MidAmerica - Has tons of pez info, pictures, and places to go

The Prozac Pez World Wide Web Page-An page that takes an unusual look at PEZ, but has a cool online game!!

PEZ Central -a big site with a bunch of different pages, you can find about anything here.

Jason's PEZ Stuff Just had to include this page for 2 reasons, 1. the name of this page is great. 2. one of the wallpapers availible for download on my page I downloaded from his.

Companies and organizations devoted to PEZ

Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia - This is the homepage of the Pez Museum. There is alot of pictures and information here. Home Page = This is the webpage. You can find out about anything about Pez here

S. J. Glew candy dispenser Pez Page -Buying and selling PEZ memorabilia, and other unusual collectibles.

Cookie Jars, Etc. -As you must have guessed the part of the Etc. is PEZ. This page isn't devoted to PEZ, but they have a bunch of PEZ stuff for sale!

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