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On this page I have links to buy all the Pez books I know of that are available. Please if you plan to purchase them order them threw the links on my page. This will help me to keep this site free and hopefully get enought money to pay tripod so that the little there little advertising window (which im sure you have seen by now) will quit appearing on my page. Also if you plan to order any books online buy them from Barnes and Noble using there links on this page even if not for Pez. It won't cost you any more and it will be helping out a fellow Pezhead support his website. Thank you in advance

Collecting PEZ David Welch / Paperback / Pub. Price: $39.95 B&N Price: $31.96 -- You Save $7.99 (20%)
This book is 350 pages, with about 275 photos. There are no duplicate photos from his previous book. The book also includes, history, about 30 interviews, a price guide, common collector questions and answers, and a checklist.

More PEZRichard Geary / Paperback / Pub. Price: $19.95 B&N Price: $15.96 -- You Save $3.99 (20%)

More PEZ for Collectors: With Price GuideRichard Geary / Paperback / Pub. Price: $14.95 B&N Price: $11.96 -- You Save $2.99 (20%) This book is much like Geary's earlier book "PEZ Collectibles". There are lots of pictures and very little text other than short captions for the pictures. This book focuses more on the packaging of PEZ than on the dispensers themselves. It also includes pictures of PEZ paraphenelia created for the PEZ Conventions.

PEZ Collectibles: With up-to-Date PricesRichard Geary / Paperback / B&N Price: $19.95 - The book is 112 pages and contains full color photos of dispensers, displays, and other PEZ collectibles. The introduction contains a short history of PEZ, but this book is mostly a pictorial guide. The captions give the name of the dispenser and it's estimated value. The revised 1997 edition contains updated prices and a few additional pictures.

Pictorial Guide to Plastic Candy Dispensers Featuring PEZDavid Welch / Paperback / B&N Price: $19.95 - (Available in 4 - 6 Weeks / Special Order) This is a 50 page pictorial which covers PEZ dispensers up to 1991. All photos are full color. A rarity guide is also included.

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The book descripitns on this page were taken from the PEZ FAQ 4.0 Copyright (c) 1997 by Chris Sharpe., which is availible on my download page.

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