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Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Jason Wolbers. I was born in 1973 in Daton,Ohio and still live in the area working as a Biomedical Electronics Technician. I am happily married to my lovely wife and have a Rottweiler named Pierce, who is currently being spoiled rotten because we havent had any children yet.

I have been getting Pez all my life, but actually started "collecting" about spring of '96. Before that I had several Pez dispensers, mostly given to me by my mom. When I moved away from home, I cleaned out my room and found about 12 different PEZ dispensers stashed in various boxes and drawers. So when I moved into my apartment, I proudly displayed them on top of my computer stand. My wife soon moved them to a desk drawer.

At work a couple of months later, we got on the subject of things we "collect". The only thing I could think of was my PEZ collection. That day changed my life forever. (I still don't know if for the better or worse.) That day I realized I was a "collector". I started going to the grocery about 2 times a week looking for PEZ until I had almost every PEZ you could buy new in America. Now it is much harder to add to my collection, but I keep trying. There are still hundreds of PEZ out there, but they are either discontinued or only sold in foreign countries.

Now that all I have left to get are discontiued and forein PEZ it is getting more expensive. Now I take up more time doing PEZ related things than buying PEZ. I started by making this web page. Then I started making PEZ icons. Then I started collecting things to make a Microsoft Plus! Theme because after looking around I was surprised that there wasnt one out there.

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