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Welcome to THEPEZFANS PEZ collection. I am doing my best to put pictures of all of my PEZ on this page. Along the left there is a list of all the PEZ that I own. To view a picture of them click on their name and the picture will appear in this frame. Look at the pictures below to see how I display my PEZ.

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This is my display case. It used to be a Timex watch case. It is lit and rotates around. I am having some signs that say PEZ made to cover the light bulb which you can see on the top. (more Pictures coming soon)
PEZ® and the PEZ® name are registered trademarks of PEZ® Candy, Inc. This page is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with PEZ®Candy Inc. My page is just my own personal tribute to PEZ®Candy Inc. and the wonderful candy dispencers that I have grown to love.

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