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Pez Links

There are tons of Pez pages on the internet, here is a short list of my favorites

Websites made by other PEZ Collectors

PEZHEADSThis is the site I go to most for PEZ info. It has an extensive up to date price guide, lists of PEZ major Dealers have for sale, and much more. This page is the best resource on the web I have found

RompusroomThis is a great site for viewing and ordering Fantasy PEZ.(Drew does great work and I have a great story about my dealings with him on my BIO Page)

The PEZHead74 page. I personally love this page but it is probably not for everyone. I will tell you up front it is PG13, but very tasteful!

A Site for PEZ and Silly Putty and other unusual stuff -The name says it all, has a little about pez, but a very fun and humerous page none the less.

Michael Garavaglia's Web Page -This is a personal webpage, not trying to get you to do anything but enjoy PEZ. This page includes tons of pictures of PEZ, new and old.

PEZville of MidAmerica - Has tons of pez info, pictures, and places to go

The Prozac Pez World Wide Web Page-An page that takes an unusual look at PEZ, but has a cool online game!!

Brien's PEZPhoto Album and more. These are some great photos of PEZ.

Jason's PEZ Stuff Just had to include this page for 2 reasons, 1. the name of this page is great. 2. one of the wallpapers availible for download on my page I downloaded from his.

PEZ Central -a big site with a bunch of different pages, you can find about anything here.

Companies and organizations devoted to PEZ

Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia - This is the homepage of the Pez Museum. There is alot of pictures and information here.

S. J. Glew candy dispenser Pez PageI have bought from these guys several times, they come highly recommended! -Buying and selling PEZ memorabilia, and other unusual collectibles.

The Canda Candy ConnectionI have bought from Ann seveal times, she comes highly recommended! This is the best site I have seen for buying Canadian PEZ.(except for my own site mabey LOL) Ann has a huge selection and the best prices I have found on the net for PEZ from Canada.

Peter and MarksI have bought from these guys several times, they come highly recommended! This is not the site for bargain hunters, But if there is that dispenser you have to have this is the place. From what I have seen they have the largest selection of old PEZ on the net, and aren't going to rip you off.

PEZ, The Company This is the official PEZ Website. You can order PEZ directly from PEZ on this site. I refuse to say anything bad about this website because if it wasn't for PEZ we wound not have PEZ. I also refuse to say anything good about this website for fear of ruining my reputation.

Other ways to find PEZ
A Great way to find Information on PEZ, or anything else is with the Lycos site. Start with typing whatever you want (like "PEZ") into the box marked "for:" and press "Go Get It". Now enter another word (like "sale")into the box at the bottom after your results and check "Search within these results". Keep doing this untill you get the search narrowed down how far you need to go.(using the examples you would have only websites with the words "PEZ" and "SALE" on there page, so if you were looking for a website selling PEZ this would be a great way to start). You can start below with my search link to the Lycos page.

Search for:

Another great way to find PEZ is to fallow the webring below. There are over 50 sites devoted to PEZ on the ring and you can keep going down the line .

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site in the PEZring.
Click here for info on how to join the PEZ Web Ring.

PEZ® and the PEZ® name are registered trademarks of PEZ® Candy, Inc. This page is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with PEZ®Candy Inc. My page is just my own personal tribute to PEZ®Candy Inc. and the wonderful candy dispencers that I have grown to love.

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