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Every serious PEZ collector should have this infomation.

The PEZHeads mailing list.

For TONS of PEZ information you should subscribe to the PEZHeads mailing list. You can send, and will receive PEZ e-mail from hundreds of PEZHeads I love the list because you will be kept up to date on what is going on and, if you have a question, just ask and it will be answered.

To subscribe you need to send an e-mail to Karen Cooper ( She needs your name, address, and age. She will send you an e-mail explaining how everything works. She will then sign you up when you send your reply. Everyone now has threw this because they had people subscribing and sending poronographic messages. They only want your personal information to try to keep these people off the list.

Before you subscribe let me warn you, you will get a ton of e-mail messages a day from the list, so if you want you can subscribe in digest mode. Digest mode will put all messages together and send you one or two BIG messages a day. Also if you subscribe I suggest you get a seperate e-mail box just for your pez mail. It will really make things easier.

PEZ Abbreviations

Ever find yourself lost in PEZ conversations, this list should help.

DDL-Dependable Dealer List, found on
FEB-Fat Eared Bunny
MIB-Mint in bag
MOC-Mint on Card
MOMC-Mint on Mint Card
N/F-Non Footed
NR-No Reserve(An Ebay term)
OTP-Other Trusted People
PDOJ-Pez Dance of Joy
PHOTM-Pezhead of the Month(A PEZHeads mailing list term)
P2K-LA Pez-A-Thon 2000(see link below)
WTB-Want To Buy
WTT-Want To Trade
W/F-With feet

PEZ Convention

There are Several PEZ conventions every year all around the United States.

PEZ-A-Mania!Held every July in Cleveland. This is the oldest and largest convention.

LA PEZ-A-THON Held March/April in Los Angeles

Northeast PEZ Collector's Gathering. Held every May in Orange, CT. The U.S. Headquarters of PEZ Candy, Inc.

National PEZ Convention Held every June in St Louis, MO

MN PEZCON Held every October in Minneapolis, MN

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