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PEZ Microsoft Plus Themes

PEZ Theme v1.1 159kb Posted 4-2-98, Updated 4-3-98.

PEZ Icons

There are 8 icons currently availible when you download the theme above. Here are the two that look like dispencers, the others are full and empty crinkled PEZ wrapper, and animated resezing arrows with PEZ written on them.

Chick in Egg animated icon. 11k Posted 4-17-98

Peter PEZ 1k Posted 4-17-98

PEZ Wallpaper

The two background above were created by me! The first, darker one is best for websites because most text can easily be read over it(this is the background used on most pages on my web page). The second, brighter one, is best for a wallpaper for Win95/98. Feel free to play with them both to figure out what is best for you. Right click on one or both and pick "save image as" or "set as wallpaper" Posted 5-19-99

I wish I could take credit for these. Both of these were downloaded from other sites. Both sites said they were free and I have added there links to my link page.

PEZ Wallpaper 86k Posted 4-17-98

PEZ Wallpaper 2 93k Posted 4-17-98

PEZ Games

This is like the game Breakout, but with a PEZ theme

pezbreak.exe 1,304k posted 4-25-98

PEZ FAQ v4.0

Get your copy of the PEZ FAQ v4.0 compiled by Chris Sharpe

PEZ FAQ v4.0 Zip version 30kb posted 4-25-98
PEZ FAQ v4.0 Text version 83kb posted 4-25-98

PEZ Sounds

This is the only sound I have found so far, if you have any from Seinfeld, Stand by Me, or any others please e-mail them to me or tell me where I can download them.

Carla from Cheers 99k Posted 4-17-98

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