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Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Jason Wolbers. I was born in 1973 in Ohio and now work as a Biomedical Electronics Technicianin in the hospital where I was born. I am happily married to my lovely wife and have a Rottweiler named Pierce, who is currently being spoiled rotten because we havent had any children yet.

I have been getting Pez all my life, but actually started "collecting" about spring of '96. Before that I had several Pez dispensers, mostly given to me by my mom. When I moved away from home, I cleaned out my room and found about 12 different PEZ dispensers stashed in various boxes and drawers. So when I moved into my apartment, I proudly displayed them on top of my computer stand. My wife soon moved them to a desk drawer.

At work a couple of months later, we got on the subject of things we "collect". The only thing I could think of was my PEZ collection. That day changed my life forever. (I still don't know if for the better or worse.) That day I realized I was a "collector". I started going to the grocery about 2 times a week looking for PEZ until I had almost every PEZ you could buy new in America. Now it is much harder to add to my collection, but I keep trying. There are still hundreds of PEZ out there, but they are either discontinued or only sold in foreign countries.

Now that all I have left to get are discontiued and forein PEZ it is getting more expensive. Now I take up more time doing PEZ related things than buying PEZ. I started by making this web page. Then I started making PEZ icons. Then I started collecting things to make a Microsoft Plus! Theme because after looking around I was surprised that there wasn't one out there.

I recently had a great experience with ordering a fantasy PEZ from Rumpusroom. My Mom has always bought me a lot of my PEZ and she collects Elmo stuff. For Christmas I ordered her a Fantasy Elmo PEZ from Drew at Rumpusroom. Her Elmo arrived In perfect shape in plenty of time for Christmas. On Christmas day it was my wife and my turn to open our presents and I got a Fantasy Elvis and Fantasy Pez of ME! (go to my spy photo page to see ME or "My PEZ" to see both) After opening the first one my mom went into the story about every thing she had to do to order it. I was trying to keep from laughing because I knew exactly what she was talking about. After opening both dispencers she gave me a letter from Drew that she said he said to give to me after I opened my dispencers.
As I was opening the letter she told me about how she also ordered an Elmo for herself but it broke on its way to the post office and that Drew promised Elmo would be here for Christmas but he didn't make it. Upon opening the envelope I found my check with a note telling me that I owe my mom the money for the dispencer because she payed for it. My mom was looking at me and asked what it was. I said that it was nothing and told her she had to open one of our presents to her now. Elmo made it for Christmas after all!

PEZ® and the PEZ® name are registered trademarks of PEZ® Candy, Inc. This page is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with PEZ®Candy Inc. My page is just my own personal tribute to PEZ®Candy Inc. and the wonderful candy dispencers that I have grown to love.

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